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great work people, TY Toxic Empire, i'll see you in ctsg 2 Hahahaha !

Ooooo Shiny

it was kool whatever it was

maybe something with a little more length and actually sense next time though plz ?

I'll have a pint of what ever your drinking

nice work, totally random, have'nt a clue where your inspiration comes from but this was great

make more !

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total rip off of dungeon keeper

i like it, its fun and very arcade style, but it is a total rip off of Dungeon keeper by Bullfrog which is a mint game. try making something a little more original next time

but as far as the game goes, its good, has a kool arcade style to it and i like all the features and units.

Brilliant !

Screw the last two reviews, this game is mint, Yeah this has been done before loads of times, but never like this, these always something going on, the graphic are great and the whole thing has a nice style to it

i love it !

Great Idea

great idea, great job making the flash, its all very tidy and it played well, but like other people have said its just too hard to keep up with every thing thats going on,

maybe if you added a feature where you buy and place turrets, then it would be easier to defend your picture and it would mean you could use your score as currency

a sort of paint attack td

nice job

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love it

its a got a really nice soft feel to it, im not too fond on the out of key chord at 2:30 but the trippy beat is quite tasty

keep it up man

Chamon responds:

Thanks alot :D Means alot to me (:
I changed that part now, hope I did as you meant.

drums too quiet

i like the pads at the begining, but the drums are way too quiet, try adding some compression, (but not too much that the drums sound distorted) and maybe try using some drum loops or something, and yes definately too short, maybe when the pads bit finishes, keep the pads on but lose the bass and have a synth riff come in, otherwise not bad


i like the melody its very funky and unpredictable, the reversed drums sounded nice, my only criticism is the beat, its another easily recognised FL drum loop which i've seen too many times in songs here. try slicing the drums and using the same samples to make your own beat or just pick some samples. other than that nice work

LordCatraz responds:

thanks.. i see what i can do.. :)


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